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In Australia, the government considers that all people with disability have the right to participate as fully as possible in community life and is committed to increasing fair access to education and training for all groups. Increasing access to education is one of the government’s goals for Australia’s future. 

The Melbourne Declaration, a commitment made by all Australian Education Ministers in 2008, that states 'Australian governments must support all young Australians to achieve not only equality of opportunity but also more equitable outcomes'.

The Disability Standards for Education were formulated by the Commonwealth Attorney-General under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (the Act). The Act seeks to eliminate, as far as possible, discrimination against people with disabilities.  

The Disability Standards for Education seek to ensure that students with disability are able to access and participate in education on the same basis as students without disability. On the same basis means that a student with disability must have opportunities and choices which are comparable with those offered to students without disability.

The Education Standards apply to government and non-government providers in all education sectors, pre-school, school, vocational education and training, higher education and adult and community education, as well as to organisations whose purpose it is to develop and accredit curricula and courses.

"Here at Academy Supply we are passionate and committed to help provide all students with a comfortable learning environment that meets their needs."

This is why we offer a variety of furniture for students who cannot easily use traditional school seats, desks and tables to ensure that your classroom will be an inviting and accessible place for every student, regardless of special needs. Our diverse furniture range for K-12 and higher learning venues include a selection of wheelchair accessible tables and desks as well as an offering of models that are compliant with the specific requirements of the American Disabilities Act.

To meet the US Federal ADA standards, tables and desks must provide clearance under the work surface of the following measurements: 750mm width x 475mm depth x 675mm of vertical knee clearance. Tables and desks with an adjustable height range of 700-850mm are considered wheelchair compatible, even though they do not meet ADA standards.

Wheelchair and Disability access tables enable students with physical challenges to work and study right alongside their peers. Along with our specialised seating, wheelchair accessible tables, desks, and computer stations are becoming a critical component of modern educational environments.

Give our friendly sales team a call on 02 6350 7000, we'll gladly help you evaluate our range of wheelchair and disability accessible tables and desks to select one that's right for your students.


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