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Our children are the future’s most important resource. Therefore, providing them with a quality education is our highest priority.

Education is an investment in the future. Education is not a static process but a dynamically developing and vibrant social institution, constantly adapting its methods and approaches.

Importantly, we believe that schools are at the foundation of every community. We are passionate about helping students and teachers reach their full potential.

Schools and colleges today require versatile, high quality, robust and modern furnishings to meet the current educational standards. Comfortable, creative and practical furniture is needed to facilitate the learning process.

Our classrooms need to be inspiring, flexible and dynamic environment adaptable to the needs of today and future proofed for the needs of tomorrow to ensure the sustainability of our schools and schooling system. Academy Supply is dedicated to providing innovative furniture and refurbishment solutions to make this a reality.  



Outside of the teacher and the student own abilities the learning environment has a major impact on the ability of students to learn. A recent study of 27 schools in the UK proved that the learning environment directly impacts the academic outcome of students by 16%. A balanced and safe learning environments is needed to enable of students to effectively engage in learning in their natural way. An effective learning environment will help with:

  • Increasing student focus, engagement and learning potential
  • Increasing student enrollment and parent satisfaction
  • Improve space utilisation
  • Closing the achievement gap
  • Creating an inclusive atmosphere
  • Help correct negative behaviours



We know that good teachers can teach virtually anywhere — inside, outside, over the internet, etc. However the learning environment is also the teaching environment and the design and amenities of our schools are critical in creating an environment that is conducive to effective teaching, learning, and also creating a culture of success. A great teaching environment will:

  • Attract and Retain Staff
  • Increase Teacher morale and engagement
  • Provide a motivating environment where your staff can excel in



Children are spending more and more time in seated activities, with increased hours in front of computer, television and hand-held screens. Similarly academic expectations are increasing and options for physical activity are diminishing.  These social trends make it harder for children to engage in the active play their brains and bodies need to grow and develop, and yet at school we still expect them to sit still on stable rigid furniture that are often doesn’t cater to the needs of developing bodies.  

How much better if they could sit in chairs that adjusted to the correct height and that provided the comfort, support, motion and flexibility most adults expect and enjoy in their work furniture.

  • Reduce long term health issues
  • Improve students ability to concentrate and learn



As schools we often place a high emphasis to parents on the high standard of our buildings, architecture and the appearance of our schools, but what we often overlook is the furniture in our classrooms. Too often the budgetary allocation for furniture is disproportionate to the money that is spent on the external appearances of school buildings.

This means that rather than focusing on the needs of the students and providing them with appropriate furniture that provides for their needs we are forced into making decisions based on costs even though our students will spend 5 or 6 hours per day using the furniture but get little if any benefit from the external environment.



We understand that with budget cuts and trying to do more with less, your work can be stressful. However at Academy Supply we believe this doesn’t stop our obligation of providing the best we can for students. We want to understand your circumstances and needs so that we can help you to stay within the constraints of your budget and to still create the best learning environments possible. With our expertise and knowledge we can demonstrate and work with you to utilise your existing resources and space, while creating effective learning environments on time and within budget. We also only supply top quality product that is safe, durable and provides you with the best return on your investment.

  • Decrease Health and Safety Issues
  • Manage Costs and Resources
  • Achieve better Space Utilization
  • Lifetime Product Warranties


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