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For all your school seating requirements

Academy Supply offers every type of school classroom chairs, from primary school up through high school, and even provides a selection of comfortable seating options for teachers and administrators. Our dependable and finely crafted chairs are ideal for all body types, bringing ergonomic design into the classroom for maximum student comfort and appropriate posture.

Beginning with our primary school collection, we help little kids enjoy their time in the classroom with soft and safe seating options, including cushions for sitting and playtime, as well as sofas for sitting with friends. Our poppet infant chairs are smooth and comfortable, with rounded edges appropriate to these excellent student chairs for schools.

You’ll find a range of modern designs on offer as you browse through the rest of our catalogue of school chairs for sale. Hover and flex chairs, active seating chairs, analogy rocker and cantilever chairs all offer the user complete freedom with their leg movements as they focus on the classroom lesson.

Traditional 4-leg student chairs for schools are available in several colours and styles. These are precisely sculpted to fit natural curves and body angles, giving students the comfort they need to focus for long periods of time on the tasks at hand.

Adjustable swivel chairs allow an extra degree of freedom, which is particularly useful for teachers and other school leaders who may need to divide their attention between two or more locations. Whether for sitting at individual school desks, lab tables in a science class, or sitting in a computer room, meeting room or the principal’s office, Academy Supply provides a range of comfortable solutions, each of which is strong and sturdy enough to last for years to come.

Chair and furniture packages to suit all requirements

We also offer carefully selected chair and furniture packages, to bring stylistic and colour-matching harmony into the classroom. With any complete set of our finely crafted furniture and school classroom chairs, you’ll make excellent use of space and instantly turn your class into a modern learning centre.

These package offerings recognise that the ideal combination of chairs and desks should be made with matching design specifications, and also take into account spacing issues within the classroom. By combining Academy Supply’s standard classroom furniture with a set of our school chairs for sale, you’ll ensure that every piece fits perfectly together, and functions beautifully within the wider classroom setting.

Maximise your classroom’s potential with Academy Supply student chairs for schools. These all-purpose chairs have been manufactured to the highest standards, and with students in mind. The extra comfort and freedom they provide can help to enhance student focus within the classroom, letting them develop the patience to pay full attention to positive interactive opportunities within the class setting.

At Academy Supply, our dedication to quality is evident in every one of our school chairs for sale. From the strong and durable design of each chair to the focus on comfort and posture, to the personal service we provide in fitting your school with the right furniture for each situation, we commit ourselves to offering the best products and services available across Australia. Contact us, and put us to work for your school.



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