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Planning and Design

We enjoy designing spaces that will inspire students to learn. Design isn't just how things look, it ensures that the practical aspects of a space, the utilisation of resources and the levels and types of activities to be undertaken are considered. It also needs to take into account the relevant statutory requirements for schools including accessibility for those with disabilities. 

Design is all about creating the right atmosphere for the space to energise or calm. Achieving a balance in a learning space is very important and this is achieved by choosing the right products and harmonising materials to achieve the desired result. The durability, quality and feel of materials needs to be considered to ensure the longevity and sustainability of a scheme.

Spaces with stunning visual impact will attract and motivate pupils and staff, this can be created by using a combination of finishes, colours and furniture to dramatic effect.

A carefully considered design can tremendously improve practical utilisation and aesthetics of a space. Our design team dedicated to providing excellence in learning environment design, product design and space planning, you can be confident that Academy Supply will provide a solution to meet your practical requirements.

Our specialists also look at the activity based learning that will occur within the space in view of providing the most effective environments to suit the diverse range of tasks carried out from focused individual learning to open collaborative work, and lecture type environments. This proven way of learning fosters collaboration, creates efficient flexible learning spaces and helps drive academic outcomes.

We aspire for every school to have high-quality durable furniture that looks good, is comfortable and importantly helps children to learn. However simply supplying furniture is not enough. Creating balanced learning spaces needs careful consideration to work effectively and to accommodate modern teaching methods. Customised furniture may need to be manufactured and the area may need to be refurbished as part of the overall concept to provide an atmosphere that stimulates the desire to learn.



At Academy Supply, we won't just plan your layout; our design team can assist with colour coordination and material choices. The designer team will also consider the practicalities of the durability and size of the furniture to ensure your project works achieves the desired outcome for years to come. We use colour schemes, material samples and layouts to illustrate our proposal and help you make choices about your project. We will also work with colours and designs that you have in mind and consider the building style and features to create a proposal individual to each client.



By understanding an area and the type of activities to be undertaken in it, we will analyse traffic flow and space utilisation to ensure our solution makes the best use of the space. Layout is very important where safety is an issue, such as in food technology rooms and science laboratories where recommended safe working distances need to be considered. We provide 2D and 3D visuals as part of our consultation process to illustrate a proposal and help you picture the end result.



Our creative team can design a custom furniture solution for individual projects when a standard product just won't do. Our furniture can be adapted to suit an individual client’s requirements from a standard range. We also design customised storage, seating, shelving and benching to suit your requirements. We have an extensive range of finishes and colours available for easy colour scheme co-ordination.



We have a vast experience of working with key stakeholders in the delivery of our project, and encourage clients to review and contribute to the designs. We liaise with teachers, department heads, bursars, principals and pupils to get all viewpoints on a project. We consider all of their opinions and requirements when creating a solution. This is very valuable when creating a solution to know exactly what must be achieved in the project to provide complete satisfaction. We strive to exceed your expectations on every project.


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