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What do the world’s “best organisations and places to work” have in common with top Australian schools?

They bring out the best in their people by encouraging creativity, innovation and productivity.

In a school context it’s improving your student learning outcomes and producing mature, capable young adults who can make their mark on the world.

While there is a huge focus on improving teacher effectiveness as it has a direct relationship to improving results, I believe this is only part of the equation.

As adults, we expect to work in engaging and comfortable offices, with good (preferably natural) lighting, air conditioning, and high quality ergonomic furniture which can be adjusted to suit our individual requirements.

So it could be argued that organisations who want to attract, develop and retain top talent need to invest in their environment.

You may have seen pictures of Google’s office spaces.  The space, comfy furniture, break out areas and collaboration spaces.  Closer to home the Commonwealth Bank in Sydney is a good example.


Why should this be any different for schools?

Your students and teachers sit in classrooms for six or more hours per day.

You want to get the best possible results from them by enhancing their ability to learn.  So doesn’t it make sense to have them be as comfortable as possible while doing so?


At Academy Supply, we’ve taken up the challenge to help schools improve their classroom environments.

We’ve partnered with Virco, the USA’s most successful provider of school furniture, to bring these high quality products into Australia.

Virco is the leading manufacturer and supplier of education furniture in the USA and Canada and has been producing top quality education furniture for 60 years.  A family owned operation, it has large factories which employ over 700 staff.

Unlike many organisations which outsource their manufacturing to China or other parts of Asia, Virco manufactures virtually all of its components (including rolling its own steel) in the USA.

Furniture is built to exacting international ANSI/BIFMA X6.1 manufacturing standards ensuring their rigid adherence to quality and reliability.  Reliability which allows us to offer a lifetime guarantee on major components

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