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Balanced Learning Environments

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What is a Balanced Learning Environment?

A “Balanced Learning Environment” is an inclusive learning environment that balances the needs of each student’s personal learning style, recognizes individual communication styles, and supports flexible teaching styles for the educator.  Let us explain what this means.

A balanced learning environment is capable of:

  • Meeting the need of every learner
  • Reflecting of modern teaching styles
  • Highly functional with or without the use of new technology aids


Meeting the need of every learner is tough to do in a traditional classroom. Students of all ages have different personality styles and react differently to their surroundings. Personality style differences are correlated to communication and learning styles. What does this mean? Not surprisingly, it really means that kids learn differently from each other.

"Children and adults alike have different learning styles" Myres and Briggs

Classrooms of yesterday catered to the learning needs of the more analytical learner. Today there is a push for a more collaborative environment that, if pursued, could favour one learning style over another.  

The Balanced Classroom concept from Academy Supply features a classroom environment suited for all learning styles as well as the desired teaching style of the educator.  

Dynamic, collaborative and focused areas of the classroom – Studies have determined the best design for a balanced learning space is to incorporate flow where the more dynamic students don’t interfere with the learning experience of the focused learner who requires their own space and fewer distractions.  


A balanced environment consists of the following capabilities for the following reasons: 

50% collaborative capability – Both the relater and the Innovator personalities are collaborative learners. They relate best to people. Typically the relater enjoys a calmer environment, and appreciates an innovator on their team to assist with idea generation and decision making.

25% individual – The analyser personality would rather learn by themselves. These persons typically will be distracted by groups of people, and would rather find meaning in life than bliss.

50% movement capability – Studies have shown that while movement keeps the brain from dropping off to sleep, it also gives those high energy learners a chance to release some energy in a quiet and natural way. It allows them to focus on learning rather than being distracted by trying to release their extra energy.  

25% stand-up capability – Standing up while learning maintains blood flow and keeps learners engaged. While this takes a little to get used to, it is a very popular and healthy way to learn properly. Adjustable stools allow an individual to stand until their legs fatigue, upon this time they can choose to sit.

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